Commonsense data defense®


Why should I choose Lockular?

Because you want the best military-grade data protection known to humankind. Because you want data security that’s unbelievably easy-to-use. Because you want to securely process your data with super-simple apps.

How does Lockular work?

First, we encrypt your data with military-grade technology. Then we slice and dice it into impossibly tiny bits, before storing your data in secure depots all over the world. Only you can retrieve the bits and put them back together. This keeps your data private and secure.

How easy is it to use?

We pride ourselves on keeping our technology ultra-easy to deploy as well as ultra-simple to understand. All you need to do is (1) Download our app, (2) Choose auto-configure (or configure it yourself) and (3) Pay. That’s it.

How secure is ‘ultra-secure’?

No one has ever cracked our security. A leading military unit with an infinite budget might just have a chance. But if someone like that really wants your data, we think you have bigger problems to worry about.

What happens if I sign up and get hacked?

You might get hacked, but the data you store with us won’t. Guaranteed.